Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear...


Those who know the Fugazi will definitely understand the meaning of this film and those who don't, well... screw you...  "Fugazi's Last Ride" is about a truck and the people this truck is associated with. 

As you all may or may not know, the FUGAZI is the beloved trucks name. Dubbed Fugazi after the punk band who’s bumper sticker was placed on the back window and who’s lead singer’s name just happens to be Ian.  It’s a 1987, manual transmission S10 Chevy Blazer. Since early college, 1994 until 2005, the truck had been operational however, it was decided in early December of 2004 that she had spent enough time reeking havock on the road and that she needed to be put to rest.  Instead of the normal salvage yard drop off, or the charity donation to Good Will it was decided unanimously by members of TeamSawzall, myself and my brother to return to her to her home state... NEW JERSEY.

"Fugazi" in Italian means "Piece of Shit", but that’s just a definition derived from the movie “The God Father”, but in essence that's exactly what this truck had become... but more importantly it had become a symbol of friendship, an icon for chaos, a metaphor for adolescence and an absolute eye-sore to the public. This documentary / film is a tribute to a vehicle that managed to keep me alive for over a decade and in the process gave me, my brother and a handful of close friends so many wonderful memories.  In short, this film documents the preparation, interviews, phone conversations, emails, memorabilia and more importantly the one last ride, back East, in the first vehicle I ever owned, The Fugazi!



In Novemebr of 2004 the FUGAZI was officially off the streets. It was being sold for 85K or Best Offer, but unfortunately there were no buyers... Wonder Why?